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Mole Systems provides a total business computing service.
We like to develop a close and long term relationship with our clients. We believe our particular expertise lies in the awareness of the full impact of computer functions on a company's financial and management well-being. Coupling this with a hands-on knowledge of the latest technology, we specialise in planning company computerisation, and in systems management.


mole systems

Mole Systems provides Internet services, products and solutions covering all aspects of IT.

Based near Wimbledon, we operate primarily in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Southwest London, Central London and The City of London.

Mole Systems has been providing IT services for twenty years and our considerable experience allows us to provide our clients with everything they need from a single source.

business-class broadband

Most of the UK's large ISPs are battling for domination of the broadband market.
Their main weapon is price reduction, and 2006 saw the introduction of "free" broadband.
There is, of course, no such thing as a free lunch, nor is "free" broadband truly free of charge.

Mole Systems is not taking part in this price war, instead we are offering high performance broadband packages completely free of caps, limits, restrictions and "fair use" policies.
We are concentrating on performance, reliablilty and, most importantly, one-to-one support if you need it.

offsite backup

Now that most organisations are equipped with broadband internet connections, it is possible to back up data "offsite" (away from your premises).
This process is completely automatic and usually runs at night. It is very reliable and inexpensive when compared with traditional backup to tape.
Data recovery can be near-instantaneous and the backup uses advanced encryption methods to be sure that your data is stored securely and is accessible only to you.

offsite backup packages typically cost around 10 per month.


Mole Systems offers a complete range of Internet hosting solutions covering everything from e-mail only accounts all the way through to dedicated web servers with custom applications.

Central to all of these is the level of support we give - we know all of our customers personally and we expect to deal with you one-to-one rather than at arm's length or hiding behind call centres, web-based ordering systems and control panels.

disaster management

Try our free online questionnaire to see how well your organisation's information systems would cope after a major interruption caused by fire, flood, theft, or any another catastrophe.

Disaster planning need not be daunting. But the key to it is to do the planning of how you would cope with a disaster before it happens - it's no good wishing you'd backed up the server only after its hard disk has failed.
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